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Registration Process

Registration Process Help Sheet

We encourage you to read all of these instructions and tips so as to have the smoothest registration experience possible.

1. If you do not have one, you will have to create an account in the system.  PLEASE NOTE: Each person volunteering must have a separate account.  For example: Mom who is registering two children and is volunteering also would have ONE account for both of those things, but if the dad is also volunteering he would have to register for a separate account to facilitate that.

              To create an account click on "Register Now" in the top right of our website.

2. Once you have your account set up you can then begin the process of registering a player for soccer and/or yourself for volunteering (which you can do during registering your child or at at later date).

Registering a Player/Volunteer

1.     You will need to have their Birth Certificate handy, so that you may upload a copy for verification.  If you are having trouble with that feature, please email: [email protected]  You only need to scan and/or take a photo of the top half of the birth certificate and then SAVE it on your computer or what ever device you are using for registration.  ONCE the Birth Date is verified by our staff in the system, the system DELETES the birth certificate document that you uploaded, so as not to keep sensitive documents any longer than needed.

2.    Once you are registered and/or logged in and you have entered your information as the account holder, now you are ready to register your child.

3.     You are now at your home page for your account.  Click on “Register Now”.  It is towards the right, near the top.  This will open up a secondary window.  If you continue with registering your child right after you set up your account, I think the system automatically takes you to this window.

4.     Then you want to click on the picture above the words “I am a parent or guardian registering a participant”.  The picture on the left.

5.     Because we do not do adult soccer your answer to the question “Is the participant the same as the primary account holder?” needs to show “NO”.

6.     Fill out the information for the player and click “Continue”.

7.     The next page is where you pick the playing level for your child.  You should get only one choice which is based on the age/birthdate of your child.  If you feel this is not right you will have to email the Regional Commissioner at: [email protected].

8.     Click “Register”, then “Continue”.

9.     This page is general information.  All required fields have an “*”.  The system will not let you move on until all required fields have been completed.  Click “Continue” when done.

10.  This is where you Electronically Sign your registration (E-Sign or E-Signature). Click “Do E-Sign Now”.

11.  Instructions are at the top of the page that appears.  Make sure you check the box AND click in the circle below the box, then type your full name in the TOP BOX ONLY (The bottom one is for Players that are over the age of 18).

12.  Go to the bottom to click to move to the next step. You will review the form again then click at the bottom to move on.

13.  Now you are directed back to the registration process from the E-Sign step.  Click “Continue”.

14.  Next is where you can volunteer.  If you don’t want to volunteer at all or just not now you click “I don’t wish to volunteer at this time”, then “Continue”.

a.      IF you want to volunteer and can fill out your volunteer form now, the instructions are on our
"Volunteer Opportunities" page, please review them 1st.
  If you are unsure at this time.  You can always go back and fill out your
application at a later date.

b.     Have your DL and SS #’s handy.

c.      Have information for two references handy, including email addresses

d.       Once you are done you should end up back at the payment part of the player registration.

15.  Now you are at the payment section.  Fill in your payment information and that will complete your registration process.

16.  Blue Sombrero has a great help feature for their registration process, you can also call our National Office as well or you may email the Regional Commissioner at [email protected] and we can set up a time to talk if need be.

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