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Being part of AYSO is a wonderful way to volunteer for the children of your community.  It is rewarding and is a good way to set an example for your family, friends, children and/or grandchildren.  Please keep reading to see if there is something that could fit your time and talents in order to serve the Jamul AYSO Community.  If you are interested in any of these positions please contact the Regional Commissioner, Tricia Brenner, at [email protected] or 619-567-9461.

Note on Teams:
We would like to see EVERY team have a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach.  Even if the Assistant Coach can not always be at practices. Ideally we would like to see these two positions at every game, in the event something happens; then there is someone still present who is an official AYSO approved volunteer.  If there is no official volunteer present for the team then the officials can end game.

Coaches and Assistant Coaches Needed:
Being a coach is a wonderful way to help our organization, the community and of course the most important aspect of all is helping the kids.  If you are worried that you do not know anything about soccer, please do not let that stop you!  We just need enthusiasm and a willingness to take on a wonderful challenge. We have training that will get you started and members of our current board have had experience coaching at some level and we can always help you.

Team Parent:
Do to having to pay $25 for every volunteer, we are officially not signing up Team Parents for the 2019 season, at least at first.
This role is a very helpful one for our teams.  Team Parents are just there to help support the Head Coach with a few things.  It just helps take a couple of things off of their plates so that they can spend more energy helping the kids have a great soccer time.  Team parent usually organizes the snack schedule for games, helps with the team banner and team name if needed, maybe help coordinate the end of season party most teams have and other small tasks that could help the coach and team.

Referee's are a vital role during the games.  They make sure everyone is playing safe and with in the laws of the game.  There is no number of game requirements, so if you can only make a game or two that is fine.  If you have a child playing, you would never miss their games, because you choose which games fit your time.  This is a great opportunity to help out, have fun, get some exercise and fresh air.

Assistant Regional Commissioner (Voting Board Member):
As of December 2019 our current Regional Commissioner has 2 seasons left before the next vote for that postion comes about.  Our current Commissioner does not have plans to continue after that time and someone would need to step up to be voted in.  Therefore, adding an Assistant RC to our Board to learn the ropes and then hopefully take over as RC would be an ideal situation.  Our region has become fairly organized over the last few years, therefore this position and the full time RC position are not over whelming tasks, especially with a full roster of Board Members to all help out.  The hours for this position will very a lot depending on the time of year, and there is prepping for and attending the board meetings. Hours we are anticipating for this position would be 5 to 20 hours per month (depending on what is going on), plus the board meetings (2 to 3 hours, the 2nd Thursday of each month, off in Dec.).   The ideal person is someone who is interested in being a good leader, very organized, good customer service(a people person), will need to feel comfortable handling upset parents or issues with volunteers, willing to learn how to use and maintain the registration system, the website and our Team App, and has great interest in being part of the AYSO organization. 

Registrar (Voting Board Member):
This is one of the bigger roles in the regions in regards to time and training.  The registrar is someone who helps with all aspect the the registration process.  The busiest months would be March, April, May, June and July.  Things would slow down a lot in August and then be really slow the rest of the year.  The registrar would need to learn the registration management system, help make sure all the proper registration information is on our website, help handle any cash or check payments that do happen, process refunds, make sure our registration banners are put up and taken down (with help from whom ever is the Banners/Medals person if we can get one), coordinate to help place ads in the Jamul Shopper and possibly send out postcards.  The registrar reports to the Regional Commissioner and other than their duties would also need to attend the board meetings.  Average hours per month during the busy time could be 5 to 15 (if we stay organized, the time stays low) and then 5 or less during the down times.  The ideal person is someone who learns computer software easily, is organized, has good customer service skills and has a great interest in helping us keep our region running smoothly.

Safety Director (Voting Board Member):
We need someone who is interested in keeping our kids safe with equipment checks and field checks as needed and help maintain our AED (all very easy).  The time commitment is low, 5 hours or less per month. There is also the board meeting to attend.

CVPA (Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate) (Voting Board Member):

We need someone who is interested in keeping our kids safe and our volunteers up to date, by overseeing the background check process.  Which is actually a quick check of the system.  Checking to see if their background is completed and that they completed the needed training to be on the field. The time commitment is low, 5 hours or less per month.  There is also the board meeting to attend.

Secretary (Non-Voting Board Member):
We would like to have someone who can take minutes at our meetings and help our region stay organized and running smoothly.  The time commitment for this is low, 5 hours or less per month and attend our board meeting.

Marketing/Banners/Medals/Trophies Coordinator (Non-Voting Board Member):
We would like to have someone who would be willing to help us organize our marketing efforts leading up to and during the registration process and help the teams order Banners and Medals for the season. Someone who can maintain and put our banners and yard signs up, help us with ads that are to be placed and any other marketing strategies that would help get the word out about registering with Jamul AYSO.  I would also like this person to order for the teams all of the banners (the teams would pick and design the banners) and medals/trophies (we would use a league Medal unless the teams pick differently) and then make sure they are distributed. This person would work with the board and report to the Regional Commissioner, as well as attend the board meetings.  Hours we are anticipating for this position would be 1 to 5 hours per month (maybe more during the busier months), plus the board meetings. The busy times would be April leading up to registration, August for ordering Banners and October for ordering Medals; otherwise the rest of the year would be pretty slow for this position.  The ideal person is someone who is interested in being someone who creative, organized, feel comfortable using websites for ordering items, and has great interest in being part of the AYSO organization.

Field Manager (Non-Voting Board Member):

We would like to have someone who can take on the task of learning to layout and strip the fields in August and then work to keep them stripped each week for the season.  Weekly striping can also be done by other volunteers to be recruited.  The time commitment for this is low, 5 hours or less per month.  I would like to see this person attend our board meetings as well, just to provide input in to all things Jamul AYSO.

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